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  Bringing people to Australia   Connecting people in Australia

Information Sessions currently being held:

For those studying in Australia and considering to live here permanently, the webinar Onshore Students' Pathway to Permanency is for you. The presenter will discuss the different types of visas that you can apply for, as well as their current requirements. If you already know the type of visa you would like to apply for, I suggest you answer this questionnaire or book for an interview.
For those who would like to work in Australia and eventually live here permanently (yes, that is possible!), book for Skilled Visas webinar. There are different types of visas for skilled workers depending on your usual occupation. Both skilled workers and new graduates will benefit from this. Whether or not you are eligible, you need to understand the eligibility requirements before making the first step. 
If you are sure you are eligible, I suggest you answer this questionnaire or book for an interview.
For those who would like to study in Australia, understand Australia's requirements first before applying for Student visa. There have recently been changes in the law that may affect you. Student visas should not be looked at as a pathway to permanency. If you were told that once you are in Australia as a student, it will be easy to obtain a permanent visa, you have been misled! Attend the webinar, Student Visas to know more about it before plunging into the unknown. Visit the Student Visa page to get an idea. Australia also offers scholarships to developing countries.
But don't begin until you count the cost. Though Jesus was talking about the cost of being his disciple in Luke 14:28a, it is also necessary for people who dream of going to Australia to count the cost of leaving their birth country by weighing the pros and cons, before deciding to embark on this unknown journey. Tentmakers Migration Assistance would like to give you ideas as to what types of visas are available for you. We will give you general information as to the current requirements of the Australian government, the cost involved in the application, whether or not you can bring your family and other things you need to know at this stage. Please be aware that although participants will be given opportunities to ask questions, we do not provide migration advice during these sessions. You will need to book for an interview or consultation to determine your eligibility.