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Honestly, you have showed me professional service beyond my imagination and indeed you delivered a great results. Am very grateful to you & your entire team. 
I encourage everyone who wishes to legally migrate to Australia to contact TentMakers Migration Assistance. Thanks and God bless you too.

- Mr. Michael Kumi, Ghana, Prospective Partner visa

My husband and I met while working on a Celebrity Eclipse 2012. I came on 2015 with a tourist visa from Philippines and got married that year. My husband went and searched for an agent and found Arlene. It was very smooth sailing all throughout. No major problem or obstacle experienced. She was thorough with all the requirements. We finally got the great news February 9 this year that my partner visa was approved. Without the patience of guidance of Arlene we might have encountered difficulties. I would greatly recommend Arlene to anyone seeking assistance for visa. She is Really a nice, patient and caring agent. My husband and I is grateful for all the efforts during my visa application. 
- Mrs. Wilhelmina Mason, Philippines, Partner Visa

Nice people, excellent service, good customer relations! You can trust them to do the job well! Thank you very much Arlene!

 - Mr. Thanh Le Bui, Vietnam, Business Visa

I am very happy and excited to move to my new home NSW, Australia. This is such a great, lovely, beautiful, gorgeous place to be part in and contributes my skills and experiences to the society. My story begins here!

At first, I would like to thanks Tentmakers Migration Assistance to help and
support successfully done all the required processes my residence visa application. From the beginning, Tentmaker's professional advices was absolutely helpful. IELTS was really a stumbling block to overcome, meet the exact requirement for EOI. At that point Arlene advice me to do some considerations among other english tests. I went through few of them, specially PTE although I was still considering to appear on the IELTS exam. This was moral support and help to boost my confident one step ahead. Once I have got my English exam report I had lost my 5 point from the age group to meet resident application. Arlene has tried NT to get nomination and NT didn't accept my BEng offshore cert. I was quite a bit of disappointed though at that point not meeting SC190. I asked Arlene to apply for 489 instead 190. She told me still have hope. She still trying to get state sponsor from other states and eventually successful with additional 5 point for my BEng and I was so relieved. Her professional experience was full of confidence. Needless to say I was keeping most of my documents as an evidence to support the claim and it works fine which is crucially important. While I have started the processes I didn't move to other engineering profession which was another fear to lose confidence, it was right decision and worthy. I'm right at this. Thanks to my goodness.

My parents support and friends are always beside me. Many of my friends wishes me from different part of the world to do well. I am greatly appreciate all of their support. Thanks to Tentmakers Migration Assistance to play a key role. I'm appreciated for that. I was recommending  my friends and I will do to my friends to get helps if needed. 
- Mr. MD Anisuzzaman, Bangladeshi, State-Nominated Permanent Visa
Mrs Arlene Marinas, she's a special friend to us. In that, she has helped us in many ways. Especially regarding our visas. She's taking all the load and burden of us because we found out how hard it was to do it ourselves. We wanna thank you Mrs Arlene Marinas for all you've done and we would recommend you to anyone. 
- Tim and Barbie Bormann, Filipina, Prospective Marriage and Partner Visas

"I am very happy with your service and I do appreciate a lot what you have done for me. As I made a mistake to lodge my application form so it was so difficult for me to do by myself again.

I asked help from this agency and they provided exact information and she explained so well for me to understand and gave options what I choose. I was very comfortable and even she prayed for me to be well and encouraged me. Therefore my visa was granted. I thank you again for excellent services!!!" 
- Seo Kyeongseon, South Korean, Student visa

"One of the biggest problem for human is feel unsafe or inconvenient, especially when you come to the foreign country, everything become unclear and complicated. Sometimes we lost our hope and think no one could help, but when I met Tentmaker, everything is so clear for me. I got clear direction on how to prepare my migration to Australia, the agent is so helpful. She gave a good advice, when we found a deadlock; something is hard to be found in my own country. Her skills and knowledge of migration issue make everything goes smoother, so I recommended her for your migration plan to Australia." 

- David Lazarus, Indonesian, Student visa