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  Bringing people to Australia   Connecting people in Australia

Study in Australia? Are you eligible to apply for a student visa?

What would you like to study:

  • English language course that leads to a certificate level award or non-formal award?

  • Primary, junior secondary or senior secondary school course or an approved secondary school exchange program?

  • Vocational education and training diploma, vocational education and training advanced diploma, vocational graduate certificate or vocational graduate diploma?

  • Bachelor degree, associate degree, higher education diploma, higher education advanced diploma, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or Masters by coursework?

  • Master’s degree by research or a Doctoral degree?

  • Non award foundation studies or other full time courses not leading to an Australian award?

  • Are you sponsored under the Australia Awards or by Defence to study a full-time course of any type?

Complete the questionnaire and we will find out for you or contact us  to understand your options.

If you want to know more about Student visa application and its requirements, book for on-going webinar for Student visa.

TentMA fees are flexible depending on your circumstances. See our Financial Solutions Packaging for more information.