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Looking for sponsored jobs?

Depending on your occupational industry, location, years of experience, among other things, job hunting in Australia is currently daunting: to citizens, permanent residents and much more to temporary visa holders. Big companies are either slowing down or totally closing down.

As a migration assistance provider, our goal is to link our clients to employers that will be willing and able to sponsor a migrant for either an Employer Nomination Scheme visa (ENS), Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa or Temporary Work (skilled) visa commonly known as subclass 457.

Watch this page as we announce job opportunities for migrants.

To find out if you meet employer-nominated visa eligibility, contact TentMA or fill-up a questionnaire in this website. We offer free preliminary visa eligibility assessment:
Telecommunication Personnel
Location : Sydney
Sponsorship: Visa Subclass 457
Details to follow
Metal Fabricators/ Welders
Locations: South Australia and Western Australia
Sponsorship : Subclass 457 visa

Key Criteria : International experience of more than 8 years

Doctor (General Practitioner)

Locations: Brisbane, Perth, Bundaberg, Gold Coast, Ayr

  • Minimum, AMC & MCQ exam done.
  • DWS and AON locations available.
  • Minimum of level 2 or 3 supervision.
  • Satisfactory IELTS results.

Our clients are employers who are eager to sponsor the ideal candidate for a 457 or an RSMS visa.

Pediatric Opthalmologists

English Language Requirement:

Due to the type of position, excellent English language ability is required.

Location: South Australia

Employer is nominating the successful candidate to permanent visa.

Extensive knowledge in the field of medical and surgical treatment of pediatric ophthalmology

Demonstrated contribution and participation in research programs.

If eligible:

Are you:

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If your occupation is not advertised and your only hope of obtaining an Australian visa is to get an employer to sponsor you, learn more about Nadine's strategies below.


Please be aware that for Subclass 457 visa,  it is unlawful for the employer to make the visa applicant pay for the cost of sponsorship and nomination. If in doubt, contact us.


To help you out in searching for sponsored jobs, Nadine has set-up different tools proven by many migrants across Australia. Learn job sponsorship strategies, how to write Australian CVs, cover letters, and most importantly, get access to sponsored jobs. You can apply for the jobs straight away, without requiring to contact a migration agent. The employer might have their own agent to do the visa application. 

This is where our warning comes. If you are being sponsored for a temporary visa, you should not pay for the sponsorship and nomination fees and any  sponsorship-associated fees. If you are in doubt, look for other employers. Most employers are happy to shoulder even the visa application costs - if you meet their requirements.

You can be a member of Nadine's Job sponsorship program for $10-20/ month and get access to Sponsored Jobs and Head Hunter, plus more tools to be successful in your search. Alternatively, you can choose amongst her e-books whichever you think will help you in your job search.

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Please note that membership does not guarantee job sponsorship.


As of April 2016, in demand occupations are in the following industry: