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What Skilled visa should I apply for?

There are wide options for skilled workers in Australia, with or without sponsors.

If you are less than 45 years old, have been working in an skilled occupation for at least 1 year in the last 2 years, have at least functional English, contact us to see what options you have considering your current circumstances. Note that there are no points awarded under Age category if you are over 45 years old. You might need superior English language ability to make up for this.

Please note that if you do not meet one of these requirements, exemptions might still be possible for you. 

You might be qualified for Australian permanent, temporary or provisional visas.

Family and/or dependents can migrate with you.

Sponsors can be family, employer or State / Territory.

Contact us, upload your resume or complete the questionnaire and we will assess your eligibility.

Skilled Occupation List will be updated by July 2017. Flagged occupations which might be removed are the following:

Production Manager (Mining) 
Accountant (General)
Management Accountant
Taxation Accountant
Land Economist
Ship's Engineer
Ship's Master
Ship's Officer
Other Spatial Scientist
Chemical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer
Quantity Surveyor
Structural Engineer
Transport Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Industrial Engineer
Mechanical Engineer
Production or Plant Engineer
Aeronautical Engineer
Agricultural Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Engineering Technologist
Environmental Engineer
Naval Architect
Medical Laboratory Scientist
Medical Diagnostic Radiographer
Medical Radiation Therapist
Occupational Therapist
Speech Pathologist
General Practitioner
Intensive Care Specialist
OB and Gynecologist
Medical Practitioners nec
Psychologists nec
Boat Builder and Repairer

If you think you will be affected of these changes, contact us to discuss probable actions.

Points-based Skilled Migration

This can be a permanent or provisional, sponsored or independent visa.

Score is awarded based on your Age, English Ability, Nominated occupation, Years of work experience and few other categories. There are now different English tests accredited aside from IELTS. You are also required to provide positive skills assessment. There are other categories we can discuss if you lack points, such as applying for state nomination.

You will need to lodge an Expression of Interest (SkillSelect) and wait to be invited before you can apply for a visa. Your details will remain in the database for 24 months or until you are invited.

You need 60 points to be invited. Contact us or complete the Questionnaire to check how many points you may have.

To understand the application process, book for Skilled Visa webinar.

Employer-sponsored (including Labour and IASS Agreements)

This can be a permanent or temporary visa for applicant who have an approved employer sponsor.

To find a sponsor, register with Skilled Migrant Jobs via the internet. You can set an alert when a vacancy for your type of skills becomes available.

Lodging an Expression of Interest (EOI for SkillSelect) will increase your chances of finding an employer.  But if you have an existing employer sponsor, you don't need to register an EOI.

You can work anywhere in Australia depending on where your sponsoring employer requires your services.

There are exemptions available for age, skills and English language ability.

Contact us for more details about these types of visa.

Temporary Work / Training

Are you participating on a non-ongoing event or activity or sponsored under an exchange agreement, sport, religious worker,  or a foreign government agency?

Contact us to understand what visa is relevant to your current circumstances.

TentMA fees are flexible depending on your circumstances. See our Financial Solutions Packaging for more information.