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Are you a permanent resident of Australia and would like to apply for citizenship? This service is for you if you need help in lodgement of application or if you need to know if you are eligible. Contact us to determine if you are eligible or answer the questionnaire.

This service will suit you if you do not have time to research about what you need to know on how to successfully apply for an Australian visa from start to finish (See TentMA steps in obtaining legal Australian visa). TentMA specializes in assisting prospective migrants in selecting the most appropriate visa for them and guiding them through the application process, lodging the application for them and providing advice on the best way to go. This includes assisting you with the skills assessment and state nomination applications, if necessary. This assistance relieve the client of the burden that goes with the visa application process. Clients who require this assistance usually avail of our Financial Solution service packages as well.
Australian businesses often look for skilled migrants to work for them either temporarily or permanently. They are required by law to provide the same compensation and benefits to migrants as they would give to Australian citizens or permanent residents. We will help you find employer that will be willing to sponsor you. On the other hand, we will ensure that you have the appropriate skills and experience required by the employer to sponsor you. Visit our Job Sponsorship page if you are interested.
You may have the time and knowledge to apply for Australian visa on your own but somewhere along the process you are stuck and doesn't know what to do. TentMA offer consultation services on per hour basis to answer your queries so that you can complete the  application process confidently. If this is what you are interested in, go to our Consultation page for more details. We also listed frequently asked questions about Australian migration which you may find interesting. We also have a page where you can read blogs of migrants sharing their personal experience. You can also post questions upon registration, which is for free, anyway. You only pay when you consult an agent for your specific situation.
This service suits you if you have no family that can help you organize your new home in Australia. Our services ranges from looking for your new accommodation, meeting your from the airport, bringing you to your new accommodation, organizing your first meal, accompanying you to your first shopping and other services we deem necessary for you to be established. 
Your visa application refused?
Your visa cancelled? Don't lose hope. Let's see what TentMA can do in your situation. Contact us ASAP for confidential consultation.
We know how expensive migration agent services can possibly cost. At TentMA, we ensure that you get quality service at affordable price. Nevertheless, this will mean additional cost on top of the Immigration fees that you will need to pay. We understand that to most people who wants to experience the Aussie living, this can be another daunting hurdle. TentMA designed Financial Solution Service packages that will help you afford your dreams. See our Financial Solution Service page for more details.


TentMA Steps in Obtaining Legal Australian visa

1. Submit Resumѐ
Australia is keen to accept skilled migrants. Their skills could include 
  • business acumen
  • occupational expertise, 
  • internationally acclaimed talents, and many others. 

Applicants whose skills are not currently in demand may apply for Family,  Partner, Working Holiday, Student or other temporary visas, as appropriate.

2. Interview
Depending on your location, we can schedule face-to-face interviews. Today's technology allows us real time interviews online.  During the interview, you will be given an analysis on visas that you can consider depending on your circumstances. Costs associated to Australian visa application will also discussed.  We will also provide information on different assistance our company is able to provide if you decide to go ahead.

3. Decide
We understand your decision will be life changing and definitely requires a lot of time to think about. At TentMA we will not press you. You can come back to us any time your mind is set within 6 months*. After 6 months, we will need to start Step 1 again.
*immigration process might be different, subject to migration laws at your time of decision

4. Request for quote
Knowing what it will cost you to make this life changing decision may help you weigh the pros and cons of coming to Australia. You might find that the fees required to obtain the appropriate visa is too much and not affordable. At TentMA, we offer several Financial Solution Service packages (FSSP) to match your need.

When you request for quote, you are not tied to any agreement as yet. We can modify the quote to make it suitable to your circumstances. This quote will be valid for one month. The FSSP that you choose will make it easier for you to migrate to Australia in no time!

5. Sign the contract
The contract will be the written agreement between you and TentMA. This will include the services that we have agreed to provide as well as the fees you agreed to pay.

6. Submit documents
Sit back and wait while we lodge your application. We will advice you the likelihood of success of your application depending on the submitted documents and the prevailing immigration law. 

7. Lodgement of Application
We lodge the visa application in your behalf and will discuss your case with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) matters regarding your application. We will notify you of any advice that we receive from them. We will work out all legitimate things possible to assure we gain visa approval. 

8. Pay TentMA balance of fees
Payment of fees depends on the financial solution package you have chosen. Generally, balance of fees will be paid upon lodgement of the application.

We will contact you and keep you posted until DIBP announce their decision.

9. DIBP decision 


Here at TentMA, we want to remain positive and expect the best results as we do the most excellent and appropriate ways to gain Australian visa approval at the quickest possible time. We can estimate decision lead time and advise how we can get results quicker. However, this is outside the control of the agent and no absolute guarantee will be given. 

10. Pack-up
Avail our Settlement and Relocation assistance package and we will assist you in all you need to do before you leave your country and ensure your place here down under. This could be an online assistance or a personal one, your choice!