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NSW government gives grant to three organizations that provides assistance to new migrants

The Iranian Community Organisation will receive $89,914, the Philippine Australian Community Services Inc. will receive $75,000 and the Sydney Anglican Home Mission Society Council will receive $222,677.

This generous funding is being provided under the Settlement Grants Program, an Australian government initiative designed to assist humanitarian entrants and migrants as they settle into their new home.

It is particularly targeted at "humanitarian entrants, family migrants and dependants of skilled migrants in rural and regional areas," explained Ms Fierravanti-Wells.

Those recent arrivals located in Parramatta and Blacktown are expected to reap the full benefits of this batch of funding.

“The funding will enable these three organisations to continue to deliver services to newly arrived migrants to assist with their integration into Australian society," said Ms Fierravanti-Wells.

It will not only make local services more accessible to migrants and their families, but also help them build important connections within the community.

In addition to this, the funding will assist these three organisations to achieve their ultimate goal of being fully independent, while still participating at a social and economic level. (Read More)

Source: Migration Alliance News

Australian Immigration Department's new name:
Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

Important clarification of SkillSelect invitation point scores

A criterion for the grant of a Subclass 189 visa, a Subclass 190 visa and the First Provisional Visa stream for a Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) (Class SP) visa (“a SkillSelect visa”) is that the applicant’s score, when assessed in relation to the visa under Subdivision B of Division 3 of Part 2 of the Act [the points test assessed score], is not less than the score stated in the invitation to apply for the visa [the invitation score].

The criterion acts as a disincentive to deliberate inflation of claims in the expression of interest (EOI) in order to obtain a higher ranking position in SkillSelect and ultimately an invitation to apply for a Skillselect visa.

However, the Department has become aware of cases where clients have made inadvertent errors when entering data in SkillSelect resulting in them being given a higher invitation score than they should otherwise have.

To reduce the likelihood of such errors occurring, the Department has significantly improved the information in SkillSelect.  Nevertheless, some applicants may still make inadvertent errors in their EOIs.

To address this issue, consideration will be given to correcting an applicant’s invitation score where the Department identifies that an applicant has made an inadvertent error in their EOI and their corrected invitation score would have been high enough such that it would have resulted in an invitation being made in the original or subsequent SkillSelect invitation rounds.

For example, if an affected applicant’s invitation score was 75, and the lowest invitation scores for the relevant period were 75, 70 and 65 respectively, the applicant’s corrected invitation score must be no less than 65 before the Department would seek to correct the invitation score.

Departmental officers will first seek the permission of the affected applicant before correcting their invitation score.


Subclass 190 or 489 invitations under SMPs would be straightforward approvals as there is no advantage gained as the base line of 60 pt generates the invite as soon as the state approval is finalised within SkillsSelect.

Source: MIA Notice 87.2013

457 Visa holders to pay school fees from 2015

The families of 457 visa holders in WA will have to pay fees to send their children to a Government school from 2015, with reduced fees for second and subsequent children.

Premier Colin Barnett said today that the measures requiring 457 visa holders to contribute to the cost of the children’s education at a State school - as outlined in the 2013-14 State Budget - would be applied from 2015, instead of 2014.

“Anyone who is already living here on a 457 visa or who has already lodged a visa application to come here soon will not have to pay unexpected fees for schooling next year,” Mr Barnett said.

“But we are giving plenty of notice that the fees will apply from the year after next, giving people time to make the necessary arrangements to pay the fees.”

The Premier said for 2015 a tuition fee of $4,000 per annum ($1,000 per term) would apply to a family’s first child enrolled in the State education system and $2,000 each for second and subsequent children from the same family.

Source: MIA Notice 86.2013

NAURU citizens now included in the list of persons eligible to make an internet aplication for Subclass 600 (Visitor) visas.

ACT Government Announcement

After consultation with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC)  the ACT is pleased to advise that offers of ACT nomination will re-commence on 3/09/2013 for the following occupations.

Please note the distribution of these places will be issued on a pro rata basis over the 2013/14 program year.

ICT Business and Systems Analysts
Status: Limited
ANZSCO Major group: 2611

Telecommunications Engineering Professionals
Status: Limited
ANZSCO Major group: 2633

Other Engineering Professional
Status: Limited
ANZSCO Major group: 2339

Software and Applications Programmers
Status: Limited
ANZSCO Major group: 2613

Electronics Engineers
Status: Closed
ANZSCO Major group: 2334

Chemical and Materials Engineers
Status: Closed
ANZSCO Major group: 2311

Please refer to the ACT nomination guidelines for verification of a limited or closed occupation.

The latest ACT Guidelines and Occupation List are available on the ACT Government website.

The other State and Territory Governments have not made announcements about this at this stage.

Visa Application fees to increase effective Sept 1

Effective Sept 1 this year, all visa fees will increase by about 15%. Student visa will not be affected.

DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) Notice: Aug 5, 2013

Invitations for applications under the Skilled Nominated visa in certain occupational categories will be issued in a pro-rate basis. DIAC advice that the total of the occupational ceiling will not change but the invitations will be staggered and issued to selected individuals over the course of twice monthly rounds in 2013/2014. This means that most, if not all, states won't be able to nominate applicants from these occupations for the permanent state-sponsored visa.

The Occupations affected by this announcement were:

  • ICT Business and Systems Analysts - 2611
  • Chemical and Materials Engineers - 2331
  • Electronics Engineers - 2334
  • Telecommunications Engineering Professionals - 2633
  • Other Engineering Professional - 2339
  • Software and Applications Programmers - 2613

MIA Notice