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Financial Solution Service Offers:

Full Payment

Full Payment upon signing of contract (5% Discount to fees and charges applies, Administration fees, DIBP fees and Disbursements excluded)

Per Block of work Payment

Minimum AU$500 initial payment, then payment to be advised prior to starting each block of work.

Periodic Payment 

Fortnightly/weekly installment payment. Balance should be paid prior to lodgement of application.
Initial down payment is required upon signing of contract.

10 years ago, the first day I considered migrating to Australia, I was overwhelmed with the cost of visa application assistance. It was impossible for me to raise that fund immediately and without any assurance of getting a visa. 

Now, at TentMA, I want to assist our clients not only in the lodgement of application but more so in their budget. 

Aside from flexibility in the services we bring, we offer different Financial Solution Service Packages to suit their current circumstances.

On top of that, we refund the amount that we have not served, in accordance to our agreed contract and our Code of Conduct.

- Arlene Marinas, MARN 1385457