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Applying for Australian Business Visa?

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Business Visa Survey

Since September 2016, a new stream of business visa has been in effect attracting the best entrepreneurial talents to Australia. As with other business visa streams, entrepreneurs should meet the current pass mark to be invited to apply for the visa.


You might be eligible to apply under the Entrepreneur Stream if you are under 55 years of age, have competent English and propose to undertake (or currently undertaking) an activity relating to an innovative idea leading to commercialisation of a product or services or the development of an enterprise or business in Australia that does not relates to labour hire, residential real property or purchasing an existing entity (including a franchise). Funding of at least $200,000 must be available. For more information, contact TentMA.

You might also be eligible to apply for other streams:

Business owners

Are you less than 55 years old whose business' annual turnover is at least AU$300,000?

Senior Executives of major overseas business? Are you not over 55 years old? Do you and your spouse have combined asset of at least $250,000? Are you willing to conduct business in Australia?

Investors? Are you less than 55 years old and have managed qualifying business or investments? Are you willing to invest at least AU$1.5M here in Australia?

You might be eligible to apply for either State/Territory sponsored or non-sponsored provisional visas. These visas will give you 4 years to enter and live in Australia and satisfy requirements for Business skills permanent visa. Age exemptions are available.

It is recommended that you answer the Eligibility Assessment for Business visa first before booking for an interview.

Contact us now to know your options or answer the questionnaire below. 

  • Eligibility Assessment

    This Assessment is not FREE and costs AU$11 which will be payable at the end of the questionnaire by credit card. You might not be able to answer all questions in one sitting. In order to save and complete later, you will be given a link to the questionnaire upon submission of your email address. The email address you provide here will receive the link to the unfinished Form.
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