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  Bringing people to Australia   Connecting people in Australia

Easy Australian visa cannot be guaranteed. Beware of migration fraud.
Contact registered migration agents.

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You might be qualified to apply for one or two types of visas. 

Visit the  pages appropriate to your location at the time you will lodge an application: Outside Australia or Inside Australia.

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Do you know that registered Migration agents are governed by strict Code of Conduct under the Australian Migration Law?  Read the latest revision of this Code from the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority (Office of the MARA) website and see how TentMA will assist you in obtaining your Australian visa.

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Tentmaking  is an occupation that was in great demand around the 10th century. People, especially in the east, used tent as a dwelling. As families and individuals migrate and travel to another location by foot, they bring with them portable tents. Most of them learn the business and trade of tentmaking for their own advantage and to help others while earning income for themselves. Read more...