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About the Agent

Arlene Mariñas is an Australian registered migration agent with MARN1385457. Arlene owns and manages Tentmakers Migration Assistance (TentMA) providing immigration assistance to different nationalities anywhere in the world. She migrated to Australia in 2005 as she successfully overcame the hurdles of obtaining an Australian visa. Arlene and her husband, Edmund, has three daughters, one of them born in Australia. After experiencing the hardships in the first two years, they volunteered to coordinate their church ministry helping new migrants and refugees settle in Australia. Getting acquainted with new migrants, she empathizes with them as they live apart from their families and friends as strangers in a strange land. This inspired her to take the challenge and finish the Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice in the Australian National University. Now, she can help them get permanent visa or citizenship. Furthermore, she can help their families, and friends obtain appropriate Australian visa. Thus,giving migrants the opportunity to enjoy life in Australia together with beloved families and friends.

Partner-Representatives in various countries:


Gerry Angeles is one of our representatives in the Philippines and is currently one of the pastors of Christ is Coming Ministry in Project 6 Quezon City. He helps Arlene with liaising with DIBP in Makati and point of contact of applicants in the Metro Manila area.

He has several years of experience in Human Resources Management having been in HR Management in various companies such as Sta Lucia Realty, CIGI, Sherwin Williams and others. He is coordinating Tentmakers' operations and marketing in Luzon areas.

Email Address:
Phone numbers: GLOBE : 09173636276; SMART - 09993424411; SUN: 09224522737


Carmencita "Chie" Nevaliza is based in Toronto, Canada. A Filipino immigrant herself, she has been a Canadian citizen since 2003. She was a licensed Chemical Engineer and previously worked with DTI, Goya, Coca-Cola and Unilab in the Philippines. She worked as a Chemist for seven years in Canada until she decided to stay at home with her growing children.

She is Arlene's point of contact in Toronto Canada in assisting prospective migrants to Australia.
Phone number: 416 335 8129
Still being updated (watch out for other representatives in your country)

Contact us if you would like to conduct information sessions in your town / city.

Why Tentmakers?

Tentmaking is an occupation that was in great demand around the 10th century.  People, especially in the east, used tent as a dwelling. As families and individuals migrate and travel to another location by foot, they bring with them portable tents. Most of them learn the business and trade of tentmaking for their advantage and to help others while earning income for themselves. Tentmakers either make or mend these shelters made of goats’ hair cloth similar to builders, carpenters and other tradesmen building and maintaining houses in our generation.


Australia has great demand for people whose resources and skills will be beneficial to the nation to burgeon and be dynamic. Tentmakers are the modern day business-, trade- or occupation-skilled migrants, students and travelers that Australia is primarily looking for.


Tentmakers Migration Assistance (TentMA) will assist modern day tentmakers as they secure legal visas to travel and live in Australia. This includes providing state or job sponsorship to eligible applicants. Our services include assisting their family members, partners aspiring to join thousands of migrants (over 1.02 million migrants applied for Australian visa in 2012, as per DIBP Statistics) each year get their visa and experience Australia. Furthermore, we offer settlement services such as meet and greet, on-arrival accommodation, information sessions and network support groups that can help them gain momentum while establishing themselves in their new country.

Our vision is to see Australia flourish as a nation:

To become number one peoples' choice to live and visit because of its people, cultural heritage, affordability as well as great possibilities of having an exciting and enriching life experience.

Our mission is not only to help people from making a decision to immigrate in Australia and to obtain the most appropriate visa but also to help them settle and live comfortably in their first years. 

As migrants to Australia ourselves, we know how it is to leave your comfort zone and start your life in a strange land with strangers all around you. It's a challenging life ahead and yet - exciting!  We serve our clients such that the challenges they face will encourage them to pursue their goals here in Australia.

We assist beyond obtaining visa approval.

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